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The first line of defense in a home fire is smoke detection. However, all smoke alarms are not created equal. Our exclusive technology offers the longest life wireless solution available.


Today's home has hot spots where smoke alarms should not be installed. Our dual sensing technology offers rate-of-rise and fixed temperatures to protect these points of origin.

Carbon Monoxide

Known as a silent killer, CO is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Our technology offers the most reliable and fastest response times to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

Hearing Impaired

Recent studies have exposed a challenge in waking adults over 40 and children under 12 with the standard piezo horn. Our bed shaker with a 520Hz cone speaker achieves waking effectiveness by proven methods.


Everyone knows the value of a fire extinguisher. Our extinguishers and fire blankets offer reliability in specific applications to aid in the suppression of a fire before lives are lost or property is irreparably damaged.


In a fire, the #1 goal of a family is to escape. We offer ladders, fire bats, people locators, 911 pendants and education. Families who protect themselves with our whole home solution know the importance of fire escape aids and drills.


As the principal component of natural gas, methane is explosive and can cause asphyxiation. In homes where natural gas is used, our gas detector can prevent injuries, property damage and loss of life.


Propane is used in many rural areas as a portable gas source. From barbeque grills to outdoor kitchens, hot tubs to whole home gas supply, propane can be dangerous. Our gas detector can alert a family to a dangerous leak.


This health hazard has been linked to higher incidents of cancer and the #1 cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. Our radon detector can provide early warning of poor indoor air quality and the need for mitigation.

First Aid

Being prepared for an emergency is paramount in today's home. Our first aid kits offer everything from bandages to radios. Our burn kits offer the same solution used by fire/EMS and military personnel around the world.

Flood / Freeze

One of the most expensive and preventable damage claims for today's homeowner are water leaks. Our water leak detector and alarm will alert families of leaks under washing machines, ice- makers, toilets and sinks.

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